8 Hairless Dog Breeds We Love

Hairless Dog Breeds

Although many people love dogs for their adorable fluffs, hairless dogs are undeniably lovely and stunning too. If you are looking to adopt a hairless dog, then you might find this guide helpful. Below is a list of large and small hairless dog breeds you can find to date: 1. American Hairless Terrier American hairless … Read more

Most Popular Russian Dog Breeds

Russian Dog Breeds

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend and one of the most loyal companions you could ever find. As years go by, newer breeds keep on popping out, surprising us with new species of dogs. Russia is no different from any other country that had tried to uniquely breed dogs over the years. Being the largest … Read more

15 Most Popular Poodle Mixes


Dogs are deemed as one of the most loyal companions and pets you can have. Over the years, a mixture of different breeds of dogs have been developing and poodles are no exception. Poodles are known for having three varieties, the standard, miniature, and toy poodle. They are known for having an undeniable intelligence and … Read more

The Most Adorable Pug Mixes

The Most Adorable Pug Mixes

Pugs are known to be entertaining and comical dogs. Because of their cute smile, squishy faces, and wrinkled fur, they have taken over the Internet and have become one of the most adorable dog breeds in the world. It was in Ancient China where pugs were originally bred to become royal playmates. Because the breed … Read more

Popular German Dog Breeds

German Shepherd

When we speak of German dog breeds, the first image or word that comes to our mind is the German Shepherd which is understandable since it has the word “German” in it. However, German dogs have a wide variety of breeds that range from the German hunting dog breeds to the larger and even smaller … Read more

Calm Dog Breeds

Calm Dog Breeds

Dogs have been proven that they are indeed man’s best friend. They are the perfect pets for most animal lovers and can serve plenty of purposes that are beneficial to their human owners. However, not all dogs are created equal and that is not just speaking of appearances. Some dogs show much intensity like guard … Read more

The Top 10 Pomeranian Mixes

Best Pomeranian Mixes

The Pomeranian dogs are like small foxes yet with a distinctly sweet personality. They came from the Spitz breed in a German Province called Pomerania. They’re independent, lovable, and can be aggressive when it comes to their loved ones. However, what happens when these Pomis are mixed with different breeds? Of course, it always turns … Read more

Popular Jack Russell Mixes

Jack Russell Mixes

Formerly used as fox hunting dogs, Jack Russells are great family dogs who have existed for more than 200 years. These dogs love to explore, have high energy levels, and are aggressive in nature. Today, they are commonly kept as household pets. They are highly intelligent but can be rather stubborn at times. That said, … Read more

Popular White Dog Breeds

Popular White Dog Breeds

All of us have their preferences when it comes to dog breeds. Some are in love with big white fluffy dog breeds while others are drawn to small white dog breeds. If you are interested in white dog breeds with all-white coats, then here are some suggestions for you: Samoyed The Samoyed is probably the … Read more

Most Popular Dachshund Mixes

Most Popular Dachshund Mixes

Dachshunds are among the most popular dogs in the world. They are adored mainly due to their calmness and obedience. They are also known for their endearing expressions, elongated bodies, and tiny little legs. Due to their comical and unusual appearance, they are nicknamed “wiener dogs“. Nonetheless, Dachshunds are very lovable and affectionate, making them … Read more