Why Do Cats Like Lasers?

Why Do Cats Like Lasers

ALL HAIL THE RED DOT! That little red spot made by a laser pen that drives your cat wild, it really is one of the best cat toys in the box. Have you ever wondered why do cats chase lasers? Why they see it and their ears go flat, their eyes go black, and their … Read more

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Water?


68% of all US households own at least one pet, and although dogs are still the most popular pet, cats come in at a close second. With great pets though, comes great responsibility, including us as humans, helping our furry friends out with their health from time to time. Feeding them great food, providing warmth, … Read more

Best Cat Water Fountains in 2021

Best Cat Water Fountains

An average-sized cat needs about 70mls of water a day, some of which they will get from their wet food which they are more than happy to consume. Getting them to drink plain water from their bowl though, can be more of a challenge. Why do they drink from human glasses of water, taps and … Read more

The Best Cat Leashes in 2021

Best Cat Leashes

Across the world many of us own cats because they are fluffy, judgmental, cute and completely bonkers. Some owners choose to keep their cats outdoors, but increasingly, this is less of a common choice. Outdoor cats can be prone to all kinds of risks like disease carrying ticks, traffic accidents, theft, predator attacks and even … Read more

The Best Grain Free Cat Foods in 2021

Best Grain Free Cat Foods

If you’re looking for the very best grain free cat food for your kitty, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Which ingredients should be first on the ingredients list? Are by-product meals healthy for kitty? Can diabetic cats have dry grain-free food? Top Picks If you have questions like … Read more

The Best Cat Litter Boxes in 2021

Best Cat Litter Boxes

Cats are furry, floofy, warm, vibrating sweethearts that we, as humans, just love to have in our homes with us, judging us and maybe occasionally, gifting us with some affection. They’re pretty perfect and indeed the Egyptians hailed them so perfect they gave them god-like status. The fact remains however that, even the most perfect … Read more

The Best Cat Carriers in 2021

Best Cat Carriers

There are lots of reasons that we can need to transport our pets. From moving them abroad, taking them on holiday or just running them to the vets, there are lots of reasons a cat needs to be securely and comfortably moved from A to B. Top Picks When you move a cat outside of … Read more