Best Cat Leashes

The Best Cat Leashes in 2021

Across the world many of us own cats because they are fluffy, judgmental, cute and completely bonkers. Some owners choose to keep their cats outdoors, but increasingly, this is less of a common choice. Outdoor cats can be prone to all kinds of risks like…

Best Grain Free Cat Foods

The Best Grain Free Cat Foods in 2021

If you’re looking for the very best grain free cat food for your kitty, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Which ingredients should be first on the ingredients list? Are by-product meals healthy for kitty? Can diabetic cats have…

Best Cat Litters For Your Cat

The Best Cat Litters For Your Cat in 2021

Cat litter may not be the most glamorous product to buy your cat, but boy is it essential. It gives them a natural digging material to use for toileting, it absorbs moisture, and it helps to absorb odors your kitty spends a lot of time…

Best Cat Litter Boxes

The Best Cat Litter Boxes in 2021

Cats are furry, floofy, warm, vibrating sweethearts that we, as humans, just love to have in our homes with us, judging us and maybe occasionally, gifting us with some affection. They’re pretty perfect and indeed the Egyptians hailed them so perfect they gave them god-like…

Best Cat Carriers

The Best Cat Carriers in 2021

There are lots of reasons that we can need to transport our pets. From moving them abroad, taking them on holiday or just running them to the vets, there are lots of reasons a cat needs to be securely and comfortably moved from A to…

Best Cat Trees

The Best Cat Trees in 2021

Many owners in America opt to keep their furry felines as indoor cats. This is to protect the cats from the average 60 million disease-carrying feral and homeless cats in the US. In addition, it helps protect pets from: parasites, traffic, animal cruelty, wild animals,…

Best Cat Scratching Posts

The Best Cat Scratching Posts in 2021

Cats who are domesticated who live in the house some or all of the time may choose to scratch carpets, stairs and furniture. They do this because it is a natural behavior. If your cat was feral, he would be out there scratching up trees…

Best Cat Beds

The Best Cat Beds For Your Favorite Feline

Cats may have you believe that a cardboard box/ pile of fresh washing/ piece of paper on the floor is an entirely adequate sleeping spot. However, they can actually benefit from a proper bed designed to suit their needs. The best cat beds can all…