Feeding Cauliflower to Your Dogs: Is It Safe?

Feeding Cauliflower to Your Dogs

You need to understand that not all food that is good for humans is also good for your pets. If you are looking for newer and healthier dog meals, you should be careful in choosing one. Nevertheless, the direct answer to the question “can dogs eat cauliflower?” is yes. According to research, cauliflower is indeed safe for … Read more

8 Hairless Dog Breeds We Love

Hairless Dog Breeds

Although many people love dogs for their adorable fluffs, hairless dogs are undeniably lovely and stunning too. If you are looking to adopt a hairless dog, then you might find this guide helpful. Below is a list of large and small hairless dog breeds you can find to date: 1. American Hairless Terrier American hairless … Read more

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on Leash

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on Leash

Do you plan to stroll in the park with your dog? Are you hesitant to do so because of how it behaves in public? Although not all dog owners can relate to this problem, a significant percentage of the dog owner population struggle with calming their dogs during outdoor encounters. What’s the cause of the … Read more

Ways to Handle Your Dog’s Anxiety

Ways to Handle Your Dogs Anxiety

Dog anxiety can show in many different ways such as barking, whining, whimpering, and shivering.  Moreover, dogs could become aloof and destructive. If this is not dealt with, it could make them lose their appetite and withdraw themselves completely.  Being left alone, traveling, hearing loud noises, being surrounded by other people or animals, and being … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Lasers?

Why Do Cats Like Lasers

ALL HAIL THE RED DOT! That little red spot made by a laser pen that drives your cat wild, it really is one of the best cat toys in the box. Have you ever wondered why do cats chase lasers? Why they see it and their ears go flat, their eyes go black, and their … Read more

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Water?


68% of all US households own at least one pet, and although dogs are still the most popular pet, cats come in at a close second. With great pets though, comes great responsibility, including us as humans, helping our furry friends out with their health from time to time. Feeding them great food, providing warmth, … Read more