Inspiring Geometric Tattoo Ideas for Dog Lovers

13 Jul

geometric tattoos

A few weeks ago, we looked at some inspiring and seriously kick-ass watercolour tattoos. Honestly, Lucy and I completely fell in love with the style. In our search, however, we found even more really awesome tattoo styles that we had never even thought of!

Maybe we were inspired by the geometric design of The Odin toy we reviewed yesterday, or maybe there’s just something to be said about the understated use of lines and shapes to create something beautiful and emotional—a tribute to a beloved pet in a style that just feels right.

If clean, simple design is your cup of tea, we think you’ll love these geometric memorial tattoos we found! Thinking of immortalizing your best friend with a memorial tattoo? Consider the geometric style with these inspiring tattoos below.

geometric tattoos

(Tattoos: @bartekwojda, @karlmarks1, @javiwolfink, @bicemsinik, @szejno, @lisaorth)

So, what do you think? What’s your style preference? Do you have a memorial tattoo to share?

Photograph courtesy of Javi Wolf.