Review: Dog + Bone Black Label Collars & Leashes (and a Giveaway!)

7 Mar

dog plus bone

It’s been exactly one year since we first reviewed and fell head over heels in love with the Martingale Collars & Leashes from Dog + Bone. Even longer since we reviewed car odor eliminator products from SafeSpace. Lucy and I were both so pleased with the quality, style, and durability of our first sets of Dog + Bone products that they became our go-to gear. We were elated when Ivan and Anne (the faces behind the Dog + Bone brand) came to us for another review. This time, for their new Black Label edition of collars and leashes.

With all the same features we’ve come to know and love from Dog + Bone, the new Black Label edition of martingale collars, snap collars, and adjustable leashes have a lot to offer. We’re so excited to review them for you today, and give an update on just how durable the entire Dog + Bone line can be after a year of rigorous wear!

Style Simplified

When Dog + Bone first hit the market, they quickly made headlines with their bright and colourful style. There is no mistaking a Dog + Bone collar, and I can’t tell you how many compliments we receive about how fantastic Archer looks in her purple and hot pink martingale collar. Quite honestly, there are no other collars quite like them.

With their new Black Label comes the same unbeatable quality and durability, but with a more subdued colour palette. Whereas their initial line of colourful collars and leashes are akin to your favourite happy hour cocktail, their new Black Label is like a fine whiskey. It’s stylish but simple.

Built to Last

It’s one thing to put a product through its paces for a few weeks, but it’s a completely different ballgame when you have a full year to test it out. To be blunt, our first set of Dog + Bone collars and leashes were put to the ultimate test with Topher and Archer’s daily walks, obedience training, weekends at the cottage, and romps on outdoor trails. With large dogs, there really is no such thing as staying clean. Thankfully, as great as Dog + Bone collars look, all it takes is a quick wash (read: throw that dirty collar in with your next load of laundry) and voilà! Good as new!

Let’s talk about durability. Not just regular durability, but the kind of wear and tear and whoa that comes with using the Dog + Bone martingale collar and adjustable leash for Topher’s reactive dog class. Think 100 lbs of drooling anxiety lunging forward, and then repeat that scenario weekly for about a year. At the end of the day, Topher is still happily strutting his stuff in his red and blue martingale collar with neither worse for the wear.

Room to Grow

These collars stood up great to the wear and tear Archer and Topher put them through, but more than that, they’ve proven to be perfect for a growing puppy. At six months old it was difficult to find an appropriate collar for Sirius to grow into; likewise for Topher’s “cousin” Duncan. Thankfully, both the snap collar and martingale collar offer ample room to adjust and grow.

Likewise, the adjustable leash is all about offering flexibility. With Sirius’ puppy class, he had to have a 6 foot leash for good leash training, whereas we prefer using a shorter leash for Archer on walks (she’s so tall, we don’t need all the extra slack!). No matter your preference or style, the adjustable leash fits the bill.

Something for Everyone

The addition of the new Black Label line to Dog + Bone’s already stellar line of martingale collars, snap collars, and adjustable leashes makes this an easy win for us. In over a year—despite our best efforts to put these products through hell and back—we just haven’t found anything to complain about. Whether you’re drawn to the bright bold colours of the original line, or the suave and understated elegance of the Black Label, Dog + Bone has a little something for every pup!

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The Odin Toy

12 Jul


We introduced you to Up Dog Toys and their first product, The Odin, back in October of 2014. We were lucky enough to get a first look at this new toy—just coming out of its development stages—as it went to Kickstarter to be a publicly funded project. The Odin easily met its backing goals, and was on its way to production not long after!

Today, we get the chance to show off The Odin toys the awesome folks behind Up Dog Toys sent us, give you a taste of what we thought of them, and give you a chance to win your own with a giveaway!


The Perfect Treat Ball

The Odin is marketed as a treat ball, and it performs as advertised in that regard! Whether your pup is small, medium, or large (or in our case, giant!), this treat ball will do the job. It’s meant to be rolled around like a geometric soccer ball and both our lovely testers were quick to do just that.

The Odin doesn’t stay in one spot. A little nudge, and it moves! But it doesn’t roll all over the house, either. It’s movements are irregular, which keeps dogs on their toes! Both Archer and Topher seemed to take it the treat ball quick, pawing at it and picking it up to shake out the treats inside.

This toy is not marketed as a chew. While it’s rugged enough to stand up to both Archer and Topher, it isn’t meant to be chewed on for lengthy periods of time. There have been some reports of some excessive chewing doing damage to the toy (as it would any non-chew toy), but Up Dog Toys is already on that and promises a 1-time no-questions-asked replacement should you require it. We think that’s awesome, and commend Up Dog Toys for jumping on the possible issue immediately.

Designed for Possibilities

One feature that we found really cool from the moment we heard about The Odin back in October of last year was that it was cleverly designed to build off other Odin toys. The Odin is able to connect with two more Odin toys (one on either side). It allows owners to connect a few toys together with different treats, and let the dog work them out. When The Odin is attached to another toy, it changes the way it can move around, and changes up the strategy for getting out treats.

Designed to Look Good

Hey, it’s important to give credit where it’s due, and when it comes to The Odin, we have to applaud Up Dog Toys for a really fun, beautiful design. While we love that the toy was designed to attach to other Odin toys, the attention to detail didn’t stop there. To be honest, The Odin is a beautiful looking toy. It doesn’t feel out of place in the living room, or stick out like a sore thumb. It’s black colour and sleek geometric design makes it almost invisible in your regular decor, no matter where it ends up on your home.


Where Can You Get It?

The Odin is no longer just a perk for Kickstarter backers, although those who backed their campaign did receive the toy long before anyone else (which is awesome)! Today, you can find The Odin on the Up Dog Toys website for $23 (+$5 shipping).

From now until August 30th, members of the Good Dogs & Co. community are encouraged to use our coupon code GOODDOGS10 to receive 10% off their order!

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Review: Poochie Mama Hawaii Collar & Leash

28 Jun


When you live with a pup who just can’t seem to avoid getting dirty, having a leash and collar that are easily washable becomes key. With Archer—my water-seeking missile on the trails around our neighbourhood—I can understand this wholeheartedly. Sharing in my woes was Joanne (aka Poochie Mama!) in Hawaii with her Golden Doodle, Hana Lei. Hana was a magnet for anything wet, smelly, and especially anything particularly dirty.

So, instead of fighting against the constant washing of Hana Lei’s gear, Joanne decided to be proactive about it and just make her own. Joanne made sure her collars and leashes did three things: they had to be waterproof; they had to be dirt-proof; and most of all, they had to be stink-proof. Poochie Mama Hawaii was born after much trial and error, and started churning out beautiful, waterproof collars to the masses.

Joanne was gracious enough to send a beautiful collar and leash to both Topher and Archer so we could give it a proper testing. With bulldozer Topher and water-maniac Archer, we were sure the collars and leashes would be put through their paces.



Leather leashes are strong and beautiful, but for dogs that frequent water, leather simply will not do. Fabric leashes are great, but require a run through the washing machine to really get all the dirt and grime out. Beyond that, there isn’t much else material-wise to use for leashes. Poochie Mama Hawaii’s collars are made of a vinyl or urethane coated webbing, but promise to be better than leather, buttery soft, and super flexible.

Offered in glossy or matte finishes, Poochie Mama Hawaii’s collars and leashes are offered in a plethora of beautiful colours and offer two options of hardware, and decorative “bling” options that can really make each order special. Hardware is offered in either nickel-plated zinc die cast (default) or black thermoplastic.

Both the collars and leashes are handmade and manufactured in the USA.


Both Lucy and I really loved the look of the matte finish—it almost looks like leather, but in really cool, funky colours! Lucy chose a handsome blue for Topher, and it looks great on him. For Archer, the white collar was a great choice. I’m always looking for collars that stand out against her black fur because she’s always running through the trees around the off-leash trails we frequent, and being able to pick her out quickly is an absolute must.


Between the glossy and matte colour choices, Poochie Mama Hawaii offers over 20 colours for their collar lines. Customers are free to really personalize their order with the different colour combinations between the collars and leashes, as well as the addition of decorative pieces.

Waterproof, Dirt-Proof, and Stink-Proof

For Joanne and Hana Lei, who live in beautiful Hawaii, where not only are they dealing with sand and dirt, but also saltwater, having a collar and leash that’s easily cleaned was of the utmost importance. The plastic material used makes these collars and leashes an absolute breeze to rinse off after any outing, no matter what mess your pup got into. Because the material is impermeable, there is no lingering smell.

Unfortunately, these collars and leashes won’t solve the problem of a smelly dog—you’ll still have to rinse them down or give them a bath if they get particularly dirty! But this leaves one less thing to worry about.

Durable For Everyday Activities

These collars and leashes are made for the rough-and-tumble dog that can’t help but come home dripping with sand, mud, and whoknowswhat. A quick wipe or a dip in some warm water, and the gear is right as rain again. Overall, we recommend the Poochie Mama Hawaii collars and leashes as a great everyday leash option, especially for any dog routinely romping around in water, sand, or mud! Which, let’s be honest, is a lot of what dogs really want to do on their daily outings.